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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Angel is growing slowly

I've been stitching a little more in the last few days, and really enjoying watching the skirt unfold. The thing I particularly like about the L&L Angel and Santa designs is the way MLI charts the folds of fabric to give a 3-D effect on the stitched piece, without backstitching. She is so talented. I am really enjoying stitching this Angel.
I am also feeling happier about my Dad. His physical condition is improving, and I can see signs that he is starting to adapt to life in his new home. He has started leaving his room to join the other residents in the dining room for lunch and dinner, and though he's eating very little, he is trying a little of what's on his plate, and drinking everything put in front of him including the chocolate-flavoured protein drinks my sister arranged for him to have. Twice I've seen him sitting in the courtyard in the sun reading his newspaper, and he has even had a couple of conversations with another resident. Each day I feel a little easier about him.


stitchinfiend said...

Your angel is beautiful and I and how comforting it must be to stitch on her with all the worries you have about your Dad. Hugs

Jules said...

That's wonderful news about your dad! And your angel is looking beautiful.