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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WIPocalypse Report

I've missed the past few WIPocalypse reports, but I made it back for this one.  I've been working my way through my 'to stitch' list, even though I forgot to report.  In the past month I have stitched, but not yet made up, six Christmas ornaments.  These six ornaments are the final ones on my stitching list for 2015.  When I have made them up, my Christmas ornament tally for the year will be 50.

First, a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament for my very new greatniece Annabelle (just 3 weeks old today):
Teddy chart is a DMC freebie (I changed most of the floss colours)

Then, ornaments for a three year old boy and his very special bear Dougal, made for him by his grandma:

The stocking chart is adapted from a chart in LA's Christmas Caboodle leaflet.

And finally, ornaments for three sisters.  Two of the ornaments are ready for finishing up, the third one still has to have its beads added. In fact all three are exactly the same size, despite the size difference here. These are my own design.

Now for the discussion topics:
Pick one of the WIP pieces you’ve stitched on this month, and tell us about your stitching journey with the piece, and where do you buy most of your stitching supplies?
Not much to say about my WIPs - this month they were all Christmas ornaments.  Each year (for the past 25 years)  I make personalised Christmas ornaments for many children (and a few adults) who visit my Christmas house in December.  It started small, but it's sort of got out of hand, and now I make around 50 each year.  The two Christmas stocking ornaments that I made this month were requested by one of my sisters, for the 3 year old grandson of one of her work colleagues.  I don't know the child or his family. My sister will bring the little boy, his grandmother, and possibly other family members over to my house for a Christmas visit this year.  Often a one-off Christmas visit like this turns into an annual event, which I enjoy.
I get my stitching supplies wherever I can - from craft shops, online needlework shops, eBay, occasionally from needlework shows.  Lately I have been buying from online needlework shops in US (mainly 123stitch)  because even with the bad exchange rate and the cost of postage, it's cheaper to get things sent from US than it is to buy them locally (in Australia) - and sometimes they just aren't available here anyway.

OK then, that's all from me for this month.  In October I will make up my final six ornaments, and start - and hopefully finish - a name sampler using an Aussie-themed alphabet for a baby cousin, born and living in New York of Aussie parents.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness Report for September

It was a very slow stitching month for me.  I didn't meet my goal of finishing all my ornaments, but I I have stitched and finished two Christmas ornaments, and framed a cross stitch finished earlier in the year. I have now almost finished my 'gifts to stitch' list for 2015 - or I would have, had I not just added another 6 projects to the list.

This ornament is for my niece Amira, who admired my collection of Lorri Birmingham antique Santas last year.
Designer:  Lorri Birmingham
from Santa Bell Pull chart
in BH&G Cross Stitch Chrstmas 1995

 And this one is for her mother, my sister Gayle, who has an abiding fascination with cherubs. The scan has distorted it - in real life it  has even edges, not distorted ones.
Designer:  Nancy Dokter & Linda Culp Calhoun
from LA 2870, Angel Alphabet

My niece Aislinn gave me this kit, which she had intended to stitch, when she found her new baby was interfering with the time available for cross stitching.  I stitched it earlier this year, and have just framed it (in a pre-loved frame I found at a garage sale).  I will be giving it back to my niece for Christmas this year. The photo doesn't do it justice - the colours are much brighter, and the light has created some odd marks on the frame.
Dimensions kit, Santa's Secret

For next month's report I hope to have my remaining six Christmas ornament gifts finished, and to have made a start on a name sampler using letters from the Allura Aussie alphabet.

I really enjoy being part of the Gifted  Gorgeousness 'group', and love looking at all the other blogs.