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Friday, May 14, 2010

More little finishes, and May TUSAL

I'll start with my TUSAL jar. I'm not sure of the TUSAL date for May, but it's ages since I put in a TUSAL progress pic, so here goes: The compressed pinkish threads in the bottom half are from Angel of Grace; the multicoloured threads on top are from the assortment of Christmas designs I've stitched in May.

And now for the finishes:

Five more tiny Christmas designs framed in gold frames
And this is my latest 'finish', a Christmas ornament for my 3 year old great-nephew Dylan, whose name for himself is 'D'. The Santa alphabet designer is Donna Vermillion Giampa, and the chart is in her Alphabet Soup leaflet (2005).

I have stitched another two little ornament designs - candy canes again, for two little sisters, and I'll be finishng them up into diamond shaped ornaments this time. I hope to finish them up tomorow.

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Jules said...

Lovely ornaments! I am looking forward to having time to stitch again. Gotta finish my thesis first! lol