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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Angel is home from the framer

and now she is hanging on the wall of my study, next to my Angel of Hope. She is, of course, Lavender & Lace's Angel of Grace, the third (and last!) of the L&L Angels I've stitched. At first I was disappointed when I saw her framed, as the framer didn't follow my instructions. I wanted her mounts to be arched at the top, like the ones on the Angel of Hope, and also on my Angel of Love. As you can see, the framer cut the mounts straight across rather than arching the top. The framer did offer to re-frame her, but after really thinking about it, I decided this mount does suit her, so I accepted her as she was.

I'm quite bonded to her now, and think that she may have looked a little unbalanced if she was in an arched mount.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful.

Nancy said...

She's just gorgeous lady!

Marie said...

Beautiful! I love the mats!