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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Santa has a face!

Well, at least he has two eyes now - he's starting to look like a real Santa. It's not a good pic - he's actually nicer when you're looking at the fabric (not so washed out). I'm pleased with my progress - page 10 is about half-done now. I'm now quietly confident that I'll finish the second 'row' (the rest of page 10, and pages 11 and 12) in the next six weeks. I need to pack JOF away in mid May, and it's extremely unlikely I'll find any more stitching time for him until December, if then. I want to get as far ahead as I can before he's packed away,because I would really love to have him framed for Christmas 2013, and there's still a lot of stitching left to finish!

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sew susie said...

You have made wonderful progress over the past month on Santa, his eyes are lovely.
I hope Maddie is well and enjoying the cooler weather.