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Friday, September 2, 2011

September already ...

I couldn't resist the impulse to take this pic of Miss Maddie making herself comfortable on the lounge chair. This is her subtle signal to me that it's tme for us to go up to bed. It's such a pleasure to see her back to normal, when just 2 months ago it really did look as though she was on her last legs. Even the Vet is mystified by her recovery.

Here are my latest finishes - six little framed bead and button decorated Christmas trees.

I just framed the last of them a few minutes ago. There's no designer to credit - they just grew as I stitched - and they;re stitched on scraps of linen.

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sew susie said...

I am glad that Maddie has recovered and back to normal.
The little Christmas trees look wonderful in their frames, lovely work.