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Thursday, April 19, 2012

An unexpected finish


I decided to make an Advent stocking for a very good friend (Miss Maddie's beloved Auntie Kellie, who is a very special member of our extended family).  Last Christmas I made up an Advent calendar for her using a purchased one I had, but I found the tiny little pockets very restrictive when it came to the size of the daily gifts I could fit in.  So I crocheted this nice roomy stocking (my own design) and cross-stitched Kellie's name on the cuff.  This stocking is a bit over 30cm (12") long and 23 cm (9") wide at the top.  It stretches out to accommodate loads of little gifts of different sizes and shapes.  I am very pleased with this finish.  It's the first thing I have actually finished this year, if you don't count JOF pages as finishes (but then, I do!).

I've also got a new pic of Maddie to share.

I took this this morning, while we were having a Mexican stand-off.  I was wanting her to come back inside after she's gone out for her first toilet stop of the day, and Maddie was wanting me to say the magic words "Come in and I'll give you a treat".  I won this one - eventually - but she didn't have to wait too long for her first treat of the day. She has trained me well over the years!


Bronwyn said...

Cute finish!

Anonymous said...


I'm a new follower.

Your stocking is great!

Maddie is adorable!