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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A little progress - well, at least it's a start!

At last - I've picked up my needle again, and stitched that ornament I've been thinking about for so long.  Just stitched - not yet finished up.  That's a project for the coming week, along with the other two stitched ornaments that have been sitting in my work basket for so long.

The Santas are adapted from Sam Hawkins designs, and the 'Believe' design is adapted from BH&G's '101 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs' booklet.


wilma b said...

Glad you're stitching again...the ornaments look great!

I remember when you taught us how to do that ornament finishing years ago...I still use it sometimes.

Elfie said...

I pretty much use it for every ornament I stitch, Wilma - mainly because I can't use a sewing machine to save my life, and I can't be trusted with glue! I actually enjoy making up the ornaments - if only I can get that first bead in!

Blu said...

Very cute!