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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two new angels

One of the things I like to do is to rescue and give new life to distressed discarded angels.  Sometimes this  urge gets out of control, and I rescue discarded hand-made dolls and turn them into angels - usually to add to my own angel collection, but occasionally to pass on to another angel lover.

This little angel started life as a hand-painted wooden doll.  I found her in a charity shop in central Victoria last November, when I was making my way home from a trip to Tasmania.   I made her some wings from cardboard and string, because that's what she seemed to need, and added a hanging cord so she can hang from a doorknob or picture hook.  I have a friend who just loves hearts and collects quirky angels, so this angel will be hopping into my friend's Christmas stocking this year.

On the same trip I also found this hand-made cloth doll at another charity shop.   On her back she has the signature of her creator (I think it's Lily but can't make out the surname) and 'Christmas 2001'.

I gave her some Christmas beads and a set of wings, and now she is my Angel Holly (her dress has a holly pattern).  She will join my cloth doll angel collection.

I wish the people who created these dolls could know that they have found new homes where they will be cared for and treasured.

BTW, Emma/Itzy has a great give-away on her blog  My Creative Corner.  It's open till March 3.

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Julie said...

What an angel you are for giving these ladies a new lease of life.......wonderful.