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Monday, July 14, 2014

My latest finishes

Today I finished up the last of this batch of six Christmas ornaments.

The crescent Santa is a Barbara Mock design (floss colours changed), and the Manger design is adapted from LA's Christmas Caboodle leaflet.

The ornament designs are adapted from designs in the Christmas issue of BH&G magazine from 2012. I stitched these for four siblings.


Annie said...

Beautiful ornaments, and fabulous finishing on them!

sharine said...

They all so lovely:)

Juliaoz said...

Hi…would it be possible for you to show the cover picture of your BH&G magazine 2012 please? I would like to find this issue after seeing your beautiful ornament finishes, but there seem to be a number of magazines coming up when I tried searching for it. I want to make sure I get the right issue.
Thank you :-)