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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Where I live it's just 45 minutes to the end of this year, so as I wait for the Sydney firework display to start (on the TV) my mind turned to thought of my goals for 2010. I am actually philosophically opposed to the concept of making resolutions. Of course, I am also philosophically opposed to firework displays, but that doesn't stop me watching and enjoying them - though I always do feel guilty about that, and do spend a few minutes regretting the damage to the environment, the distress of domestic pets, birds and other wildlife, and the animals at Taronga Park zoo, and the waste of public money which could have been put to better use. Anyway - I decided no NY resolutions for 2010.

I do however have some stitching goals:
  • finish L&L's Angel of Grace and have it framed for Christmas 2010
  • complete another 6 pages of HAED Jolly Old Fellow
  • stitch and finish Christmas ornaments for Dylan, Dylan's yet to be born brother or sister, Olivia, Emma, Grace, Thomas, Brittany, Jackson, Matthew, Daniel, Georgia, Alex
  • stitch framed Christmas gifts for Gayle, Rohan, Leah, Wendy
  • stitch and frame 24 little bead decorated trees

The fireworks will be starting soon. I'm already starting to feel the guilt enveloping me. It won't stop me from enjoying the show, I'm sure ...

Happy New Year!

PS - the fireworks were spectacular


Julie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (although yours has already begun)...we still have about 13 hours and 13 minutes to go here in central Florida (US).

Kelly said...

Huge hugs my friend! If you can't do anything to stop the fireworks, don't feel guilty enjoying them! I hope you have a beautiful New Year! Hugs!!!

stitchinfiend said...

I did see in the New Year trying to get to sleep over the neighbours party which kicked off at midnight. Turned on the airconditioner and that did the trick.

Good luck with the goals.