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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Better late than never - it seems that 14th April slipped by unnoticed by me - so here's my TUSAL jar as it looks tonight. The latest threads are all pinks and whites - from the flounce of the underskirt of L&L's Angel of Grace. There are also a few broken needles, and some floss tags added in the past month.

And here's the progress pic for my Angel of Grace:
There's not a lot of progress since the last pic. I am STILL working on the flounce. I really had hoped to have it finished by now, but life just seems to get in the way of my stitching these days. I am really keen to finish this one, but it's just not happening. I am still hopeful of having her at the framers by the end of May (I always was an optimist).
My streak of bad luck is continuing. I keep expecting things to pick up (there's that optimist peeking through again), but so far each time I pop my head up 2010 just knocks me down again. Yesterday the hot water system sprang a leak, and had to be replaced. I must surely be running out household items to replace - in the past twelve months or so I have replaced the wall oven, the microwave, the clothes dryer, the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner (twice), the motor of the spa pump, the remote control for the garage door, my home telephone, the computer, the printer, a VCR, a digital set top box with DVD recorder, and the TV aerial - and now the hot water system. I've also had a prang in the car, lost my much-loved Bichon, attended two funeral services for long-term friends, had a number of friends diagnosed with cancer, been diagnosed myself with three new chronic health problems, and watched my Dad's health, mental acuity and state of mind deteriorate markedly. I am not a happy pussycat!


Jules said...

Yikes! Your year is supposed to be getting better!! Well, hopefully this ends it all. I really think we need a reset button for this year!

Your progress is great! I think I have actually fallen in love with this design, despite the pink! LOL

Smily said...

great progress!