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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Consequences ...

I found this lovely Angel at a local garage sale. She had seen better days, and lost a hand at some stage. The poor little thing was looking quite unloved, so I brought her home, cleaned her up, and made her a beaded wreath to disguise the missing hand. She has now joined my Angel family, and will have a special spot this Christmas in my Angel room. While looking for the ring to use as the base of the wreath, I emptied and re-organised two cupboards in my craft room (not a planned activity, but one that was certainly begging to be done). In one of the cupboards I found three pre-loved mini Christmas trees that I'd been meaning to re-birth for some time. Since the glue gun and beads were out and ready for use, it seemed logical to redecorate the trees before returning them to the cupboard. This is the result:
Despite the evidence of your eyes, the trees are all straight - it's my camera skills that need improvement. The largest tree is made of seed pods, some of which were missing. I replaced the missing seed pods, and a few others, with baubles and added some large white beads. The middle tree is 15 cm (6") tall. I decorated it with large pink pearl beads and little pastel stars. The smallest tree was in a broken pot, so I took off the foliage ball and glued it into a ceramic candle-stick holder that had lost its mate. I decorated this tree with tiny coloured jingle bells and gold coloured beaded stars.
I would never have predicted that bringing home a damaged angel would have resulted in a
reorganised and tidy craft room, and four additions to my 2010 Christmas display, but there you go ... consequences are often unpredictable!


Kelly said...

WOW you have such talent!!!! I'm very impressed! They all turned out great! And congrats on getting some organizing done, that must feel good....something I really need to do. Hugs my friend!

Jules said...

How beautiful! The Angel is gorgeous and very inviting!

Thanks for sharing!

Blu said...

The trees are awesome! Your angel is just gorgeous!