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Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome to my Christmas house

I know - way too early in the year to be decorated for Christmas, but that's how it is in my house this year. It's a particularly stressful time for my household health-wise this year, and my stress reduction mechanism was transforming the house for Christmas. I think I did a good job, considering the circumstances. This first pic is my Santa tree. It's on the top landing, and it's what you see if you look up when entering my front door. This tree is totally decorated with Santas (over 300), collected over mamy years and from all over the world. The large standing Santa on the left came from Los Angeles in 1994, and the Santa mask on the wall was a birthday gift many years ago. My cross stitched Santa ornaments hang on the linen press door on the far left. Some of my small Christmas tins are under the tree.

The second pic is what I am looking at now on my right as I sit at my computer. It is my small collection of snowpeople, and it is on my computer desk. I collected these treasures accidentally over the last couple of years, and now I am quite fond of them.

I'll be putting in more pics as Christmas approaches. In case you haven't guesssed, Christmas is a big deal in my house!

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Gillie said...

What a treat on a very rainy dark evening! Sorry the health issues are so stressful but what lovely decorations!