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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baltimore Rose Sampler is on the lap-frame

I'd like to say I'm making good progress, but in fact progress has been slow.  Here's where I am this evening:
The fabric is actually an off-white, not the pretty blue in the picture!  I'm happy with the purple colour scheme, and in fact I prefer it to the original charted pinks..  I have played around with the large flower - I just couldn't come to terms with stitching it as charted, so I omitted the green stitches and the green backstitching on the petals, and I softened the colours in the outside petals (believe it or not!).  I'm still not in love with the large flowers.  There are six in the design, so I've decided to proceed until I've stitched at least another one, then decide whether to keep them in or not.  Apart from the large flowers, I really like the design.  I'm back-stitching as I go, because I really couldn't face all that back-stitching at the end.

This isn't getting any stitching done, so I'm turning off the computer and heading back to my stitching chair.

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Anne said...

I love the purple of these flowers. Nice stitching! I also wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the Liebster Award for having such a nice blog. Please go to my blog to copy the Award and you can put it in a post on your blog. I just received this award the other day. :)