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Friday, November 23, 2012

Santa Bells and Candles

My Santa candles,  and candle-holders:

If a Santa candle ever makes its way into my house I will have it forever - there is no way I could ever burn a Santa!  It's also extremely unlikely that I would buy a Santa candle myself, but I have been given a few, and now they are part of my Christmas each year, and I have come to enjoy having them around.  I have bought most of the candle-holders myself over the years, and I often light candles in them on Christmas Eve. 

And here are my Santa bells:
And on the right of the picture, on the black trunk, are my Christmas playing cards, puzzle blocks and select Christmas toys (for looking at rather than for playing).

In my loungeroom I also have an accidental collection of nutcrackers.  I won the biggest one many years ago in a raffle, and that started my collection.  I like old (vintage) nutcrackers, and can't resist one if I see it for sale.  Most of them have seeen better days, but for me that just adds to their charm.  The tiny nutcrackers lined up on the doorframe at the back are just gorgeous.  I bought them for just $2 in a box of old Christmas things from a second-hand shop many years ago.

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Anne said...

All your CHristmas goodys are looking wonderful.. Love the nutcrackers! :)