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Friday, January 11, 2013

Look what my niece made for her wedding

One of the many floral balls she made.

And this is one individual flower (a table decoration) 

This is the central table decoration - you can see the individual flowers scattered around.

The bride's bouquet:
She also made bouquets for the bridesmaid, two miniature bridesmaids, and for the flowergirl.  Origami has always been an interest of hers, but so far this is her biggest project.My niece is multi-talented,  As well as the origami flowers, she also did the hairdos for the three child attendants (her nieces).

This is my niece Ciara, the bride's sister and her only adult bridesmaid:
Aislinn and Ben requested that we did not publish photos of them, so I can't show a pic of the bridal couple. It was a lovely wedding, and so suited the two of them.  The happy couple are honeymooning on a yacht in northern Queensland, and I am sure they are having a wonderful time.

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Anne said...

Lovely idea - origami flowers! They are very pretty! :)