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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The two Donna Kooler Santa ornaments

Today I added the bead border to the larger Donna Kooler Santa, and made up both ornaments   The larger one was stitched as a gift for a Christmas visitor, but there's a strong chance it may stay in my Santa ornament collection.  I do like it very much, and I haven't stitched this Santa before.  The crescent Santa ornament is for my youngest sister, Wendy. I have stitched an ornament for her each year since 1982 (which is when I first started to cross stitch), so she has quite a collection, but this will be her first crescent Santa.  I always stitch a Christmas message on the back of Wendy's ornament - here's the back of this one:

Tomorrow I will start finishing the Sam Hawkins heart Santa, and by the end of the weekend the two Dale Burdett Christmas teddies should also be finished up.  In February I will be stitching ornaments for some little girls - perhaps some angels.


wilma boer said...

Great finishes...I'd be tempted to keep that larger one also!

Beth Pearce said...

I love them both - you have a lucky sister. I have been stitching ornaments for my grandson each year and he will be 14 this March. I also have stitched for my granddaughter who will be 6 this year.

Elfie said...

Beth, I also stitch ornaments each year for a number of children. 2012 marked 20 years of annual ornaments for the oldest child of one family of four children. Their mother counted 70 ornaments made by me on their Christmas tree last year. I also stitch ornaments for 14 other 'regulars' each year. I get a lot of pleasure from my ornament stitching!

Loubie69 said...

Lovely finishes :-)