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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The last of my February angel ornaments

I am so pleased to have finished making up my angels.  Now I recall why I usually restrict my batch of ornaments to four or five - ten to make up is a little overwhelming.

Yesterday we had a really lovely experience.  I was concerned about how my partner's mother would react when we viewed her room at the hostel, but my concerns were  totally unwarranted.  The room was being painted when we visited, but we were able to measure up and make decisions about what furniture to bring.  Joan loved the whole experience, and said several times "I think I'm going to be very happy here",  She was thrilled to find her room opens onto her own little garden area (actually that was one of the major factors involved in our choice of this hostel), and she was very pleased to hear that one of the residents is looking for a Scrabble partner - Joan's favourite game.  She met some of the residents and got involved in activities, and it all went so well.  So, it's all stations go now.  She'll be moving in next Wednesday, and it will take us from now to then to label clothes and pack.


sew susie said...

Lovely finish of the angel ornaments.
I am glad the nursing home transition will be smooth.

wilma boer said...

Wow, what a relief that must be for you all...sounds like a good match!

The ornaments all look terrific!

Loubie69 said...

They all look really lovely :-)

Shebafudge said...

The ornaments are gorgeous!

It sounds like the nursing home will be a success. Fingers crossed for everything going well.