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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yay! Some finishes for May

In the last few days I have finished up the ornaments I stitched on my camping holiday and after my return.  So now I am happy!

This one is my favourite.  It will find itself hanging on one of my Christmas trees this year, instead of wrapped for delivery to its intended recipient.  Such is life! Love Heart freebie (with a few changes)

Two ornaments, one each for two gorgeous little Kiwi sisters, grandchildren of an old friend.

Santa Alphabet from LA's Alphabets Galore book

 I have decided to give this one to my youngest sister.  She has one of my stitched Christmas ornaments or framed Christmas designs  for each year since 1985.

 The Drawn Thread freebie First Snow, with lots of changes
 (fabric, floss, hearts instead of birds, snow omitted, greeting added)

I stitched this for the dog belonging to the family of my oldest niece.  If you have excellent vision and a very good imagination, you might see a row of bones across the middle of the ornament.

Santa Hat Alphabet from Jeanette Crews Designs Christmas Alphabets and Borders booklet

This ornament will now become a Christmas gift for my oldest nephew and his wife.

This one contains bits and pieces of designs from a variety of sources
Santa is from BH&G Treasury of Cross Stitch; 
the bow garland is adapted from Jeanette Crews '59 Christmas Motifs';
'JOY' and the Christmas trees from BH&G Love Heart freebie;
the angels are adapted from Pat Waters 'A Christmas Collection'.


CathieJ said...

Your ornaments are very pretty. I like how you personalized and adapted various patterns.

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous ornaments, my dear - I particularly love the changes you made to The Drawn Thread First Snow design.

RJ said...

Such pretty ornaments you have made. You have been busy and got alot done. How nice they are all personalized and ready for gifts. I'm glad you are keeping the first one. You deserve it after all of your hard work. Enjoyed seeing your pretty ornaments and love your hangers. RJ @stitchingfriendsforever2

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

More gorgeous smalls this month. I love how even the dog gets an ornie for the tree!

Julie said...

The heart finish is beautiful, no wonder you are keeping that one.

Mary said...

Your ornaments are beautiful. I don't blame you for keeping the heart ornament, I would too.

Melinda Forbes said...

So many beautiful ornaments. Just love the way you finish them too!

Kerryp77 said...

so many gorgeous stitches, Love the drawn thread one. It's on my to-stitch list, and having seen your version it's a must for this year now!

Astrids dragon said...

They all look wonderful, I love the way you finished them and the bead hangers you've made to go with them!

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