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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Crochet Fix

The crochet bug has been visiting my house. It happens infrequently these days, but there was a time when crochet was my major craft activity. I'm going back quite some time now, but I was a prolific crocheter for the 23 years before I discovered cross stitch. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 17 (and meant to be studying for my school final exams). I took to it with a vengeance. When I discovered cross stitch, I packed away my crochet hooks. But every now and then something causes me to bring out the crochet hooks, and that's when I quickly remember how much I enjoy crochet. This last week has been such a time.

The stimulus for my crochet binge was my cold ears. It's winter here, and we had a very sudden transition from summery weather to winter (hardly saw autumn at all this year). My hair is short. My ears were very cold. I felt the need for a beanie to keep my ears warm at night. So, the crochet hooks  came out, I found some wool, selected a pattern (Perenni, designed by Deanne Ramsay from Addydae Designs, and before long I had a beanie. Then two identical beanies - one for nights, the other for wearing out and about. I've had a beanie on my head ever since.

The urge to crochet was still with me. So I used the same pattern and some wool scraps to made two little beanies for my youngest great-niece Sarah, who is 10 months old.

My niece (Sarah's mother) was so happy to have the beanies that I decided to stitch a poncho for Sarah.  Unfortunately my first effort was too small (and now donated to a charity shop).  The poncho just grew as I stitched - so there is no designer to credit.

So, after taking a few measurements and some discussion with my niece about preferred wool colours, here is my latest effort for Sarah. Much more sedate in colour, but more in keeping with my niece's taste in baby clothes!

I fear the crochet bug is still hanging around. I find myself sorting out my wool and patterns and trolling the web for more patterns.  Perhaps I need more than 2 beanies. Maybe a scarf? Time will tell!


rosey175 said...

Ahh, I enjoy the crochet bug as well. Sometimes it bites and you just have to roll with it! Your hats look great and I must say the rainbow poncho is great haha! Bright colors are so much fun to work with!

Julie said...

Your beanie does look like it keeps your head nice and cosy warm.
The poncho and beanie combo is adorable, what a nice handmade gift for a little one.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The things you learn! Love your beanies and the ponchos you made. I like the rainbow one too but the other is more wearable.

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