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Friday, January 16, 2009

200 stitches finished ... 203,400 stitches to go

I've made a start on HAED Jolly Old Fellow. I'm stitching it on Hardanger 22, over 1, with 1 strand of DMC floss. The fabric piece is huge - 70 cm wide and 95cm long (28" x 37" approx). So far I've stitched the tiniest corner of the sky and used just 3 of the 90 floss shades. It's years since I used my floor-frame, and I've forgotten most of what I used to know about it. So far it's been taken to pieces and reassembled 3 times, and I think I finally have it right. I've had my floor-frame for 15 years - I know that because the floor-frame and my new puppy came into the house at the same time (as evidenced by the chewn wooden base of the frame), and my puppy is now in her 16th year. I put the floor- frame away about 4 yrs ago, when I got a lap-frame. The lap-frame is more portable and takes up less space, but I really prefer stitching on the floor-frame. It's so much easier to turn my work when it's on the floor-frame, and the lap-frame has a nasty tendency to collapse when I least expect it.

I'll be reporting progress on Jolly Old Fellow each Friday.


Yoyo said...

Oh you lucky girl. I haven't had my floor frame out since I finished my last TWentzler, about 4 years ago for me too. I really enjoyed using it though. I do have a lap stand that is very easy to turn to the back, I'll have to look it up on the web to give you the brand name, it's almost as easy as using the floor frame...and I can sit in my recliner to stitch, which is really nice. Looking forward to pictures of the jolly old fellow.

Smily said...

Stopped to say hi and admired you patience to stitch HAED!