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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week 1 survived!

I can hardly believe that it is just one week since I started my HAED Jolly Old Fellow. It has been an interesting week, and I have learned SO much about myself. Until now I had no idea that I was such a results-oriented person. To have stitched for 46 hours this week, and only just half-finished page 1 of 36 ... takes some adjustment for me! And no Santa in sight yet - just sky. I had never realised that the part I like most about stitching is actually finishing the stitching! I guess the fact that I finished 200+ (mostly small) items last year may have given me a clue, but no. So, this project is going to be a major challenge for me. I have calculated that if I continue to stitch at my current rate (about 45 hrs per week) it will take 60 weeks to finish. That's assuming that I stitch only on Jolly Old Santa. It's unlikely that I'll do that. So, my current plan is to stitch Jolly Old Fellow over 3 years. I'm aiming at finishing at least one page every month between now and August, and then I'll reassess the situation. I've never taken longer than 3 months to stitch a project before, so I'm on a steep learning curve here.


Yoyo said...

Ahhhhhhh yes, the joys of a really large project. My first big one was a Teresa Wentzler (the B-I-G Peacock), it took me 5 years. Now I am used to having several projects big and small going at one time and I like it. You'll get used to it. Just satisfy yourself with some small stuff in between so you don't get bored with this jolly fellow. And I'm only one who is following his progress ---- so you can't put him aside completely LOL. He's looking sooooo good after only a week, my Anubis is not this far along and his been working a year!

Elfie said...

That's the girl. Yoyo - encouragement is what will get me there. It is a huge transition of the mind, though - it surprised me, I can tell you!