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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My stitching plans for 2009

I'd like to say I have a clear plan, but in truth I haven't yet decided. I am very tempted to stitch a lovely Santa by HAED, but it is just huge at 400 x 509 stitches and would probably take me 6 months of constant stitching. Which would mean I would get nothing else stitched in the first half of 2009. Also it won't fit on my lap-frame, so I'd need to get the floor-frame out, and that's awkward to use with my recliner. So I'm leaning towards maybe holding the HAED Santa over to 2010, and using 2009 to stitch all the other stuff I want to get done in the next 2 yrs. If I do that I will need to decide on another Christmas project for 2009.

The other things I want to stitch in 2009 are:
  • Christmas ornaments for Dylan, Thomas, Brittany, Jackson. Matthew, Daniel, Emma M, Grace, Emma F, Judith, Edin, Ainsley, Wendy, Julie, Gayle
  • Baby's First Christmas Ornie for Georgia
  • 60 tiny Christmas designs for finishing as fridge magnets or in tiny gold frames
  • 5 biggish ornaments
  • Carol Emmer's Santa Bellpull design from JCS Ornie issue 1997 (finished as a rectangular slightly padded ornament)
  • 4 Christmas Samplers, framed in bought frames

I'm also toying with the idea of stitching another Australian bird to be framed - something colourful. I have space on my loungeroom wall for one more bird to join Graham Ross's Kookaburra, Galah and Magpie, and Couchman's Cockatoos. I have the chart for Ross's Rainbow Lorikeet, and I may just settle on that as my major non-Christmas project for 2009.

I also have a desire to learn to bead in 2009. I'd like to bead some of Jill Oxton's lovely charts - tiny stockings, a lovely Christmas angel, and koala ornaments for a start.

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Yoyo said...

Wow I have a follower!!! Now so do you, feels cool, huh? Come on over and participate in the Totally Use SAL, with all that stitching you list you'll have plenty to use for it.