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Friday, March 6, 2009

Enjoying the view ...

It's beautiful here by the lake, surrounded by trees and native birds. My friend has loaned me her laptop so I can check in. I am really having a very relaxing holiday. So relaxing that I have hardly had time to pick up a needle. I have stitched one design, a red-back wren for a quilt square. I still have a few leaves to stitch, but hope to finish it tonight. Maybe I'll get more stitching time in the next few days. I found a lovely stitched Kingfisher in a local op shop, and bought it to send along to be made up into the fundraiser quilt. It saddened me to think that someone's labour of love might end its days in an op shop. I think a quilt would be a more fitting place for it to be. As always when I see handcrafted items discarded, it made me think of my own work, and wonder what will happen to it once I am gone from this world. I hope it will be loved, not discarded like the poor kingfisher I rescued. On this cheery note I'll finish.


Karen said...

Interesting thought! I think I will have to have a talk with hubby about my stuff is something should happen to me. I'd better not take for granted he would cherish it forever!

Sounds like you are in paradise!

Yoyo said...

That is interesting. I have often rescued older pieces but usually only if I wanted them for myself. What a good idea to send them along to someone new. Hope you are having a lovely campout.