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Friday, March 20, 2009

Progress Pic, HAED Jolly Old Fellow

Page 3 is finished (at last! - big sigh of relief from me), and the first 100 page 4 stitches are now on the fabric. My Totally Useless SAL jar is about to get another layer of sky-coloured orts. I've stitched on JOF for 27 hrs this week, including 2 hrs spent gridding the section of the fabric that page 4 will be stitched on. That brings my total JOF stitching hours to 269 hrs, 6 weeks of solid stitching for me. Actually it's 9 weeks since I started JOF, but I had 3 JOF-free weeks in that time.

This is my first experience with gridding. So far it's working out well - but I've only done 100 stitches or so, probably too early for a final decision about it yet. I've already tentatively decided to go for 20x20 grids next time instead of the 10x10 I did for page 4.

I'll be stitching on JOF all the coming week. I hope to finish the Page 4 sky by the end of the week.


Wendy said...

That Santa looks so gorgeous already! I really love that design too. But there are so many of them I would love to stitch.

Karen said...

Great progress...this will be beautiful.

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful stitching Elfie! I want to try the gridding too...just haven't had time to sit and do!

stitchinfiend said...

I love how he is looking. His hat looks so soft and fluffly.