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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Totally Useless SAL

I'm finding it hard to believe it's the New Moon again - but the chart on Yoyo's blog says it is, so it must be time for the Totally Useless SAL report. The contents of my jar have grown over the past month. I'm not at all confident that this jar is going to make it to the end of the year. I've pressed the contents down several times already. The jar has tipped over a couple of times in the past month, so things have got a bit out of order, but starting from the top you can see the sky-coloured threads from Jolly Old Fellow, and under them the whites, creams, pinks and reds of the tip of Santa's hat and furtrim. Under that are some gold, red, green and tan threads from the Christmas ornaments I made earlier this month, beneath that are the red, green and dark threads from the little wren I stitched in the first week of March. I've also added some broken needles and some thread bands.


Loretta said...

Very colourful!!!!!!! I am enjoying this SAL. How about you?

stitchinfiend said...

I love the totally usless SAL. I used to do this with my threads but stop doing it this year. Looks pretty.

Marian said...

Thanks for your comments! I just started the SAL this month. And it was a month for a lot of boo boos, so the jar filled quickly. I bought it at the local Hobby Lobby for probably $8.

Happy Stitching, Marian

Karen said... have been stitching, or ripping I guess. Great progress on your SAL.

PaulineD said...

Wow! I'm impressed by your collection so far, well done (I think, depending on the way you see it as you say the boo boos contributed too!).