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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A stressful day ahead ...

Today has been rainy and cool - the sort of day that suits my mood right now. I am really concerned for my 15 yr old Bichon, Ellenor (Ellie). She goes into hospital tomorrow to have some dental work, and I am worried about how she will tolerate the anaesthetic and the procedure. The last time she had an anaesthetic was a couple of years ago, to remove what turned out to be a rapid-growing localised tumour on her head, and she was very drowsy and not herself for a couple of days. It was a difficult decision to put her through the stress of another anaesthetic, but her teeth are worrying her, and the vet advised the procedure. So, think of me at tomorrow at 9.30am, handing her over to the care of the vet and staff, and then fretting about her till I can bring her home in the evening. I won't be the only one missing her tomorrow. Madalyn, my 10 yr old Maltese, will be wondering where Ellie is - they are so very rarely separated. I'd like to think I'll make good use of my waiting time, and get some stitching done, but that's probably unlikely - I doubt I'll have the concentration that my WIP demands of me.

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stitchinfiend said...

Hoping everything goes well for you to day with Ellie. Hugs