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Friday, March 19, 2010

Annus Horribilis? (with apologies to HM ERII)

It's shaping up that way. I just can not believe this year. So far, this is what has happened (roughly in chronological order, not in order of importance):

  • the washing machine died
  • I flooded the lower level of the house with the new washing machine
  • my best friend's mother died unexpectedly
  • the set top box cum DVD recorder died
  • the VCR player died
  • my Dad developed an acute psychotic delerium culminating in self-harm and requiring admission to hospital
  • my Dad collapsed following a procedure, and went into cardiac arrest (he was successfully resuscitated)
  • my Dad required placement (not of his own choosing) in an aged care facility
  • my much-loved Bichon developed severe intractable pain and had to be euthenised in her 17th year
  • my BIL's brother died unexpectedly of cardiac problems at age 48
  • a previous work colleague lost her long battle with bowel cancer
  • a tooth filling dropped out and had to be replaced
  • the repaired tooth filling fell out after two weeks and a much more expensive repair is required
  • the vacuum cleaner died
  • the new vacuum cleaner died on its second use
  • I smashed the front of the car when reversing out of a parking space yesterday

Not happy, Jan!

1 comment:

Jules said...

OUCH! Can we hit the redo button and start the year over?! Hope things start getting better for you and soon!! :D