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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grace is slowly growing ...

Still working on the skirt - and still a lot of skirt to stitch, but I do feel as if I have made good progress in the past couple of weeks. I really do want to finish Grace before my planned trip to the Kimberleys (at the top western corner of Western Australia) at the end of May. I want her safely at the framer then, so I can pick her up when we return from our trip. I finally found the green antique glass Mill Hill beads I wanted for the floral trim, and got the extra floss I may need, so it's full steam ahead on Angel of Grace for the next month.

My Dad is settling in to his hostel now. He's happier in general, and each time I've been in this week he's been listening to his radio and reading his newspaper, just like he used to at home. He says he's 'getting used to the food' (my observation is that he seems to be really enjoying the food, there's never anything left on his plate), and has got into the routine of going to the dining room at mealtimes without being called, so I'm much happier about him now. He's not interacting much with the other residents, but I'm hopeful that will improve with time.

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Marcy said...

She's gorgeous! At the rate you're stitching, you will finish her in time.