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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moving on ...

Midnight Journey is at the framers. That starts an anxious period for me. I find it so stressful to leave my project for framing. I keep envisioning all the things that may happen while it's out of my care. I used to be able to tell myself sternly that I was being unreasonable, and that my treasure was perfectly safe - and then several years ago my niece put her first-ever large cross stitch in for framing a few days before we had a major weather event that resulted in severe flash flooding, and the framer's shop was underwater, and destroyed. Luckily, she got her cross stitch back, as the framer had taken it to his home for some reason, but the unfortunate experience reinforced my fears. So right now, I'm thinking positive thoughts and trying to not worry about my project. I should have it home in about three weeks.

I've chosen a lovely not too wide gold coloured carved wooden frame, and two mounts - a gold underneath and a bright red flock on top. It looks nicer than it sounds! I decided against including the verses in the frame - it would have made the framed piece too long for the space where it is to hang at Christmas.

Good news from the vet - Maddie is responding to her cyclosporin eye drops and has now dropped down to having them just once daily. She still has the other drops 4 times a day. Her eyes look so much better now.


sew susie said...

I also get the heeby-jeebys over leaving a finish at the framers, though I have not had a bad experience yet but I do understand how you feel. The frame and mount you have chosen sound ideal.
Good news about Maddie,she must be feeling more comfortable. How does she cope with thunder-storms?, because today's was certainly severe.

Elfie said...

Luckily, Maddie's not at all concerned about storms. Her biggest worry is that she might get her feet wet - she is most reluctant to venture out in the rain at all, even when wearing a raincoat. Even my cat Ruby is good in storms - she always heads for cover way before I know there's a storm coming. I hope Miss Molly wasn't distressed by the thunder-storm.