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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maddie's news

I took this pic of Maddie tonight, in one of the very few moments she was alert and not receiving drops of some sort - she slept most of the day and evening after we got home from the vet visit. Not that I blame her - it was uncomfortably hot today, all day - even sitting in the airconditioned lounge-room. We have another week of this stifling heat to look forward to - though given that Queenslanders are expecting a severe cyclone to arrive soon, I'm not going to complain too much about the heat here.It was odd at the vet surgery today. When we arrived, there were already 3 Maltese Terriers in the waiting room, and another arrived right after us. I've never seen that before. It looked like a Maltese Terrier convention was taking place.

Maddie got a good-ish report from the vet. Although her eyes are no longer discharging, and quite clean, her tear production hasn't improved at all. So, she has to continue with the daily prednisone tabets, the twice daily cyclosporin eye-drops, and the 4 times daily liquid tear drops. She also now has to have ear drops twice a day to clear up this ear infection she's developed. Poor little babe, she is so very good with all her treatments. We have to go back for another review in 2 weeks. I'm hoping the tear production will be back to the normal range by then.

It's time for more drops, and Maddie is stirring, so I'm off to play doggie-nurse.

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sew susie said...

Poor Maddie, I hope her ear infection is not causing any pain. She really has been through a rough patch lately.
Today looks to be another day for stitching, it is nearing 35c up our way so you and Maddie keep cool and we might see another reindeer appear soon.