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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Midnight Journey is home from the framer

I am very pleased with the framing, and relieved to have Midnight Journey home safely. The mount is a red flock - I think it looks very pretty, I think that this is the earliest I have ever had my annual Christmas project finished.
I've started stitching on page 10 of JOF - just a tiny part stitched, but at least it's a start! It's gone away now till the beginning of April. If I get the chance in the next week or so I'll make a few Christmas ornaments for visiting children.


Virpi said...

Really pretty =)

sew susie said...

Wonderful framing. The flock mount matches the sleigh perfectly.

Kttycat said...

Wonderful! It turned out so beautiful!

Blu said...

Beautiful! Great frame and mat choice.

Do you keep your Christmas designs up all year or are they only out in December?

Elfie said...

Blu, most of my Christmas things are packed away from Dec 31 to mid-November. I do have my 3 L&L angels and 9 framed Santas hanging all year - the Angels down in the lounge room and study, the Santas in my spare bedroom.