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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My vintage Christmas items (still in the dining room)

I've accidentally cut the top off this pic, but there's another one below showing the lovely Santas on top of the display case. This display case has my older angels (top shelf) and on the other shelves my older Santas and assorted vintage Christmas ornaments. Sitting at the dining room table you can see my lovely old straw-filled Santa, who is having his first Christmas in my house (though he must have seen around 6o Christmases in his lifetime). I have to admit that this corner of my house is one of my all-time favourite areas - I do love my vintage Christmas items, particularly the Santas.

This little display case houses some of my smaller vintage Christmas decorations, and is on the dining room wall near the display case shown above.

and here are some of my absolute favorites - my vintage Santas. They're standing on top of the corner display cupboard that houses (at this tme of the year only) my vintage Angels and smaller vintage Santas.

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