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Monday, January 2, 2012

HAED Jolly Old Fellow is now back in play ...

He's on the floor-frame, I've checked all my threads, and I've made the first few stitches for 2012.

I have to make an emergency trip to my lns tomorrow to replace all the threads I've 'borrowed' from JOF in the latter half of 2011, while JOF was 'resting'.  But I do have enough threads to go on with, so I'm settling down now for an evening of getting re-acquainted with JOF while watching the tennis on TV.  Since I am normally a one-project-at-a-time stitcher, and I tend to stitch obsessively until the one project is finished, it's a unusual for me to be having to get back into a project.  I can hardly believe that this is the fourth year I will have stitched on JOF, and I won't be finishing him this year - or next - and that is way out of my comfort zone. 

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