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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

My wish for 2012 is that it brings a year of better health, peace of mind, and contentment for all my loved ones.  And for me as well.  And also for you.

It's been a hectic week in my house.  We have done our annual "get the house back to normal before New Year" thing.  Over the years I have discovered that this is one thing that does not get easier with practice!  I am slower, less patient, and way less limber than I used to be, and each year my Christmas items grow in size and number.  Nevertheless, we succeeded, and here are the pics to prove it!

This is what my dining room table looks like now. 
 And just one week ago, it looked like this:

This is how the lounge room corner now looks:
And one week ago it looked like this:

Another part of the lounge-room now (note Maddie looking so cute and healthy on the lounge!):
 and last week:

Now that 2012 has actually arrived, I'll be getting my HAED Jolly Old Fellow back in the floor frame for a few months solid work.  I hope to get at least another 6 pages done in 2012.  He's been packed away since mid 2011, so it's about time he saw the light of day again.

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