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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happiness is ...

seeing my Santa grow!  I have just put the final stitches into pages 17 & 18.  That fnishes the third row of chart pages.  The pic looks a bit wonky, but that's because of the way I had it thrown over the sofa back when I took the pic.  It really does have straight edges in real life.  Now that Santa has a face, I am feeling the compulsion to keep on stitching on this project, with a view to fnishing it this year,  I had originally planned to stitch pages 14-20 this year, but I certainly didn't expect to finish 5 pages in January.  In previous years, I was lucky to get one page finished each three to four weeks.  My current plan is to keep stitching for February and March, with the aim of finishing Row 4 (pages 19 to 24) in that time.  If I manage to do that, I will then probably keep stitching on Santa to try to get him finished and framed for Christmas this year.

On a more serious note, happiness is really being finished with chemotherapy and brachytherapy (radiation therapy), and having a clear result (no cancer cells) on the PET scan.   I wasn't having the treatments myself, but when one member of the household is fighting cancer, it really does seem as if everyone in the household  is fighting cancer.  It is a major relief to have moved on from that phase of our lives.


summer21 said...

congratulation to finish next pages.Santa is so sweetly

Beth Pearce said...

Santa is looking fantastic!

But, as a cancer survivor, even greater congrats on you household member who is finished therapy and with no cancer cells! That was a very happy day in this household!!

Jules said...

Congrats on the great PET scan!!! I am hoping ours turns out well and that the only chemo my dad has left is the pill-form he will take for the remainder of his life (already been discussed and this will keep the cancer cells at bay and hopefully away!).

Jolly Old Fellow is stunning! I can't believe that is ALL over 1. I might be brave enough to start one of the HAEDs I have in my files in a year or so. I have too many larger projects to finish before I tackle something bigger, lol!!

sew susie said...

Many days of happiness ahead for the other member of the household who is now cancer cell free. I know from personal experience what a relief that sort of good news means. It is such a wonderful feeling to have that weight removed from your shoulders.
Santa looks like he smiling from hearing such good news.

Measi said...

Oh my goodness, you're making tremendous progress!

And congrats on the PET scan result!