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Monday, October 12, 2009

On the home stretch now ...

I have to stitch just the bottom section of the flounce, the tail of the shawl, and a few beads and gold straight stitches in the top section, and Angel of Hope will be finished - finally! I'm thinking of stitching her title on the left side at the bottom (possibly in dark blue), and my initials and the year on the right side. I'm undecided about the framing. She will hang in the same room as Angel of Love, so I'll try and find a similar frame - ornately carved gold-coloured wood - and I'll pick similar blue and gold mounts, but I really can't decide what shape to have the mount cut. Sometimes oval seems like the natural choice, other times I favour rectangular, or a rounded corner rectangle. I've got at least till the end of the week before I have to choose, so I'll wait till then to decide.

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Yoyo said...

You have sure been busy since I last popped by. The Angle is soooooooo pretty! Love all the little Christmas goodies you've been working on, especially the Topiary Tree. All these things are sure making your Totally Useless Container look interesting, he he he he.