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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas in my Lounge Room

The first pic is of the White Santa corner. The tall Santa is one of my favourites - he has such a sweet face. I don't actually have many white Santas, as for me Christmas is burgundy, red, green and gold. I tend to go for the brighter colours I guess.

Next to the White Santas are the candles and candle-holders. I only ever light the candles on Christmas Eve - but usually only tealight candles in the candle-holders. I rarely burn a Christmas candle, and I never light a candle that's in the shape of a Santa. I just don't think it's right to burn a Santa! I have had many of the candle-holders for over 20 years, and there are a few that I've rescued from garage sales or thrift shops.

The next photo is of my two Santa cardboard masks, which I bought at a Stitches & Craft show in 1995. This is the first year I've hung them on a white wall. Usually I hang them on a brick wall, and they have nice brown eyes. This year, not thinking ahead, I put them up on a white wall didn't like their white eyes, so I popped a piece of black card behind the eyes and that made them look prettier and healthier straight away. I actually prefer them against the white wall.

The final pic is the TV corner. I have a row of light Santas on top of the telly - I tend to pick either very stable or unbreakable Santas for the telly top. Mostly they stay where they're put, but occasionally there'll be a mishap and a Santa will nose-dive to the floor when someone cuts a corner en route to the study - the door is right near the TV.


Kelly said...

What an amazing collection! Oh how I would love to see it in person!


Yoyo said...

Wow Angel of Hope turned out so beautiful!!! Love the Santa collection, I think you do have more than I do (LOL). So glad to hear you'll be joining the Christmas Design SAL. I didn't realize so many people did Christmas designs all year but we're getting a great turnout.