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Friday, November 20, 2009

My Angel is home from the framer

and she is just gorgeous (but I have to admit to a hint of bias). She is very large - we had to put in a stronger hook to hold her, as she weighs 8kg (nearly 18 lb). I picked her up yesterday and brought her home, even humg her on the wall, and then noticed that she had clear glass in the frame, not the diffused (non-reflective) glass I had asked for. We have such a light-filled house that i always get non-reflective glass. So she had to go back to the framer for another ight. But all is well now. She's settled into her Christmas home, and I just love her already. I'm thinking that after Christmas I will hang her in the study.


Wendy said...

Wow! She really is gorgeous!! I love to stitch those patterns too. for the moment I'm stitching "Celtic Christmas" from Lavender & Lace and I love the stitching with the beads.

Smily said...

She is really delightful!! Very beautiful and impressive!

Marian said...

Very nice!!