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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas is coming to my house ,,,

For the past week I have been putting up Christmas decorations. Tonight I have all but finished. So I'm going to take you on a tour of my Christmas house. Today I'm showing the dining room.
My dining room table is in the top pic. This year I've taken a minimalist approach here, just to make it easier for the odd occasion when we actually use the table for eating at.
The next photo is my buffet. It has my Advent tree (you can tell it's not December yet, cause all the stars are red. Each day in December I turn a star to reveal a Santa, so that by December 24 there are 24 Santas and bo red stars showing on the tree.) I love my Advent tree, and I have made a number for friends and relatives over the years. The buffet also has a few special ornaments, some dolly peg Santas I made, and a few nesting Santas.
The third photo shows my vintage Christmas decoration collection, with my vintage Santas standing on top. One of my favourite things in this cabinet is the Nativity set on the top shelf.
The last photo is the top of the chest of drawers. It has my large terracotta Santas, my gourd Santas, and a few other special Santas.
There are six framed Christmas cross stitches in the dining room - L&L's Oh Christmas Tree and Santa of the Forest, Marilyn Gandre's Santa's Workshop and Santa's Great Book, and two others whose designers I can't recall at present.
If you're wondering why I decorate so early, it's because I'm slow, it takes me 2 weeks usually. I need to have it finished by December 1, when lots of people start coming for Christmas visits. I take my decorations down immediately after Christmas, so starting mid November gives me enough time to enjoy it before they all get packed away again.


Mel said...

Awesome! :)

Kelly said...

Beautiful! Love all your decorations! Your advent tree is lovely!


Cindy F. said...

Beautiful decorating! Love all those Santas!