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Monday, January 31, 2011

Santa is with reindeer ...

well, at least two of them. The other six are yet to put in an appearance. I've just finished backstitching the reindeer, and I'm feeling quite pleased with my progress. I'm well on track to have this finished and at the framer by early May.

I should be asleep in my bed - it's after 2.30am, and I need to be up early to take Maddie to her vet appointment at 9.30am for a review of her eye regime. The poor little love has also developed an ear infection - unusual for her - so that will need treatment as well. This year isn't starting well for Miss Maddie, health-wise. I hope the trend is reversed soon. She is snoring away on her cushion by my chair - at least one of us will be well-rested for our big day tomorrow!


Kttycat said...

Santa is looking awesome. I hope Maddie's appointment goes smoothly.

sew susie said...

The reindeer are looking great, you seem to be flying along with this. I think it maybe at the framer's before May.
I hope Maddie is soon feeling better.