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Monday, January 24, 2011

Midnight Journey - started

This is my new Christmas project - Midnight Journey from Leisure Arts' 1996 book, Santa's Great Book (LA 2840). The needlework adaptation was done by Jane Chandler from original artwork by Peggy Jo Ackley for Family Line Greetings, Inc. and, because I'm not fond of stitching on dark coloured fabrics, this is the fabric I'm using: a beautiful piece of Australian hand-dyed Jobelan 28 count, colour Arabian Nights, by Stitches and Spice . The fabric is just a little darker (and prettier) than the pic.

My floor-frame is assembled, fabric on the rods, and the first stitches are in. Guess what I'll be doing for the rest of this evening ...
As I browsed through my LA Santa's Great Book I said yet another silent 'thank you' to Mary, an on-line friend who sent me this book several years ago. It has been well-used, and is well loved. I have already stitched four designs from this book - Carol Emmer's 'You Better Not Pout', Marilyn Gandre's Santa's Great Book and Santa's Workshop, and Heartprint's Santa Reunion. And I'm not promising to stop at five - there are lots of designs in the book that are just begging me to stitch them!
Just one little whinge at The Universe before I retire to my floor-frame - was it really necessary for my little Maltese to develop an auto-immune disease - we already have four auto-immune diseases in this household! Madalyn is just about to celebrate her 12th birthday, and is my little shadow. Her eyes have been discharging and looking sore in the past few weeks, so I took her along to the vet, who diagnosed an auto-immune disorder that interferes with tear production. So the poor little love now has to have an immuno-suppressant eye drop in each eye twice a day, and lubricating drops in each eye as frequently as every hour. She is so good - sits still and lets me pop the drops into her eyes, like it's been happening every day of her life. Her eyes have improved markedly in just a few days, so I am extremely happy about that - and Maddie appears much more comfortable and happier too.
Well, whingeing time is over - I'm off to my stitching chair...

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RuthB said...

Whinge away. You are entitled. :) Glad to hear Maddie is responding to treatements.

Love, love, loe the fabric you chose!