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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Midnight Journey - progress pic

Two evenings of stitching, and the presents in Santa's sleigh are almost all there. This fabric is such a pleasure to stitch on - I am really enjoying this project. Which is a good thing, as I have bad feelings associated with this floor frame. For most of the past 2 years the floor frame (with my HAED Jolly Old Fellow on it) has sat staring reproachfully at me each time I entered my craft room. I only managed to stitch on it for one month in 2010, just got one more page finished in that time. When I was sorting out my craft room for the New Year, I decided I could take the guilt no more, and promised myself a break from JOF this year. I took JOF off the floor frame and packed the frame up. I'm pleased I did that, as it broke the pattern of avoidance I was developing. Now that I have the frame up again with my new project, I found myself yesterday planning to stitch for a couple of months on JOF when I finish Midnight Journey. It's early days yet, but I'm feeling quite excited at the prospect right now.
I'm just back from a morning walk round the Lake foreshore. I was amazed when we got there today to find the place packed already, at 8am. We had trouble finding a car parking spot, which is not usually a problem at that hour on a weekday. But then, it is Australia Day - and there's no doubt that we Aussies enjoy our public holidays to the max! There were eskies, tables and chairs, sunshades, tents, and pergolas popping up everywhere, and so many boats out on the lake. We shared our walk with so many people and dogs today. Miss Maddie got tired before the walk was over (walking never was her best thing, and now that she's almost 12, she's very definite when she says she's had enough), but luckily I had thought to take her carrying pouch, so I was able to finish my walk wearing Maddie. She loves her carry pouch, and so do I - it's much easier than picking her up and carrying her in my arms.
We're heading out for a BBQ with friends for lunch - I've got my lamb chops packed ready to go!
Happy Australia Day. Welcome to all today's New Australians.


sew susie said...

Poor Maddie, it was hot at 8am, more so for those with fur coats. I think my Miss Molly would enjoy a carry pouch but I will try and postpone that for a while.
I love the colour of your Jobelan, such a good choice for this design. It will be ideal for replacing the other sign that your sister made.
I have replied to your email, hope you received it o.k.

Elfie said...

Susie, I didn't get an email. It could be hiding somewhere I don't know know about.