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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New start for a New Year

A little late, but (perhaps?) better late than never. Here are a few of my favourite Christmas 2010 pics. The first one is of my most precious Santas - my oldies. Most are from the 1950s, but a couple are relative youngsters - the musical Santa in the orange-red outfit at front right was given to me by my late mother in the mid 1980s. They're sitting atop a display cabinet where I had my 1950s and 1960 Christmas ornaments displayed. Below is my "Angel Room". The tree on the wall is made from dowelling, and hangs from a picture hook. The framed Angel is L&L's Angel of Hope, which I stitched in 2009. I had two other L&L Angels hanging in the room (Angels of Love and Grace), but they were out of camera range in this shot.

And here are my fridge magnets - more favourites of mine.

My house is now 'de-Christmassed', and returned to its normal state, but I'm going to put in a few more Christmas pics in my next post. I had such a lovely Christmas, I just want to extend it a little.


Nancy said...

Lynne, I LOVE your decorations. I want to come live at your house one Christmas. :0)

Elfie said...

Wouldn't that be lovely! You mightn't like the heat though - it's usually in the very high 90s F here at Christmas. But you'd love the Christmas visitors - we have so many lovely people come to visit at Christmas.

Blu said...

Awesome decor! Your Santa collection is so cute.