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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Santa's in his sleigh ...

Before I move on to Santa, I couldn't resist showing this pic of Miss Maddie, resting on a pile of cushions she rustled up on the lounge chair. Her eyes look sore, and I'm sure they are, but they are so much better than they were, so I think the treatment is working. We're back to the vet early next week for a progress check, so here's hoping!
and now, here's Santa:

I am just loving this project! Though I think maybe I should have used three strands of floss instead of two - particularly for the darkest red. I may just go back and add another strand of floss to the sleigh - I'll think about it. I decided to backstitch as I finish each section, rather than leave it all to the end. Hopefully the sleigh will be finished tonight, and I'll start on the first pair of reindeer.


sew susie said...

Miss Maddie looks very sweet and I hope her eyes heal quickly, she looks very comfortable on the cushion.
Well, you have zoomed along with the sleigh and it is looking good. I love the colors on the blue Jobelan.
28 cnt is my favorite count, easier on the eyes.

RuthB said...

Congrats on getting Santa is his sleigh. He;s looking great. I wish you well on the potential plan to add a thread. That never seems to work out for me.

Glad to see that Maddy is feeling better.