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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Dining Room, Part 2

The first picture is the close-up shot of the vntage display case from an earlier pic.  The case itself is just beautifully made, with brass detailing at all the wood junctions.

And here are most of my nesting Santas, sitting under the two Marilyn Gandre cross stitched Santas.  I added a number of rows to the Sata's great book chart to make it the same length as the Santa's Workshop so they would hang well together. 
 The final pic for today is a close-up of one of my old plastic Santa and reindeers (from the 1950s) flying over the wall-clock.


Anonymous said...

Your Christmas stitching, collections, and decor are simply amazing! Thank you for posting the pictures. You have inspired me to pick up a copy of "Santa's Great Book" on Ebay.

Elfie said...

Thank you. Some of my cross stitched Santa designs did come from that book!