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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Christmas Dining Room - Part 1

No dining happens here in December - the Christmas decorations take precedence.  Fortunately, the weather is hot here over Christmas, so we eat outside if we have guests, and usually balance a plate on our knees in front of the telly downstairs if we're eating alone.

This year I have displayed my small collection of Nativities on the dining room table:
 and here is a wider view of the table, also showing my L&L Oh Christmas Tree and L&L Santa of the Forest, and the display cabinet that currently houses some of my vintage Christmas collection (mostly Santas and angels).  Peeking round the table leg near the window s one of my two large 1950s Santa money boxes.

Here is a clearer pic of the display cabinet.

These are my vintage Santa dolls.

and the final pic for tonight - Vermillion's Nine Santa Sampler guarded by a few much-loved Santas.


Anne said...

All your decorations are just beautiful. So nice to have vintage items. I found some cute little Hudson Bay bells that I remembered as a child and they are now on my tree. Merry Christmas! :)

Elfie said...

I do love the vintage items. Most of them, however, are not as old as I am - maybe that's why I like them!