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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Entering the house ...

These are my favourite pressed metal Santa faces,  I have 3 near the front door, nd the other three opposite on the stairwell wall.  They've been all over the house over the years, but they do seem right at home in  their present spots.

 Sorry this pic is so dark - black tin on black slate. It's in the entry foyer, to welcome visitors to the house.
 and one of my favourite cross stitches - Christmas Gentlemen - along with some Christmas brooches and a wooden 12 Days of Christmas set.
 These Santas welcome you to the dining room - to the left of the front door as you step into my house.
 and here we have my gourd Santas, protected by a 1950s Santa doll.  On the wall is a little display case of small vintage Santas, elves, and angels.  I'll probably have a better pic to put in later.


Ann said...

Wow! All that decoration!
Won't it be a little bit "empty" when December changes into January ;-)?
Have a nice weekend!

Elfie said...

You are so right! It always looks so drab and colourless on December 31, when the house is returned to its usual state. It usually takes me several weeks to adapt!