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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Angel Room

At Christmas, this is my favourite room of the house.  At other times of the year it's the sittng room, and it looks very different to this.

This is my largest angel.  Like many of my angels, she's been rescued.  I found her very dirty, missing one wing and with the other one broken, and with very tangled hair.  She had been strung up to be a hanging angel in a local church for quite a few Christmases, and I bought her at the church's garage sale two years ago.  I made her a new set of wings, cleaned her up as best I could, and now she stands guard over my 1970s Christmas tree in the sitting room.

These are my doll angels.  Most of them didn't start life as angels, but it's amazing what adding a pair of wings will do! 

This is a better pic of my 1970s Christmas tree, which has also been rescued.  A friend retrieved it from the rubbish skip when a work colleague threw it out as he was moving house.  This tree had been their family Christmas tree since the early 1970s, but with the children grown up and his wife passed on to a better life, it was no longer needed in the household.  So I have taken it into mine and given it a new life.



Angels galore - there are angel candle-holders, angel bells, musical angels, glasss angels, tiny angels, and all sorts of angels here.  Some I have had since the early 1970s, and a few joined the group this year.

more angels

and yet more angels.  On the wall, next to L&L's Angel of Hope, is my Angel Tree.  It's made of wood and dowelling, and has around 200 angels on it this year.  The tiny wooden ones on the top branches are ones I have had since the 1970s.  On the tin trunks under the tree are my standing angels and some of my favourite angels.


Marcy said...

Everything looks so festive. I love your angel tree.

Anne said...

Love angels, and your tree is wonderful! :)

sharine said...

Your house must look so festive:)